Mercury 20 hp tiller to Remote Conversion Help ?


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I have a 1989 Mercury 20 hp outboard - serial # - 0C153483 . I want to convert this motor into a remote steer and remote throttle. I dont need electric start or kill switch. Just would like to have remote steering and remote throttle but do not know what brackets i need. I believe the motor already has the steer tube on it and if i buy a rotary kit and attachment bracket ( 41323A03 ) , i should be able to hook up remote steering. Please correct me on that bracket if im am wrong. But what i have no idea about is the throttle brackets i would need. The forward and reverse and throttle are all in the tiller handle on this outboard. So if anyone can show me or explain what brackets i need or what kit i need to buy would be greatly appreciated. I go on Boats.net for parts diagram but there is so many brackets and parts i dont know what all i need. Below are a few pictures of the outboard

Thanks for any help!
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