Marinise a BMW N55


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"So I'm aware that I might

"So I'm aware that I might very well be hissed and booed off the forum just for asking, but figured I'd take the chance just the same. BMW used to make marine engines, and their current automotive engines are leaps and bounds better than the GM engines in boats today for power-to-weight ratios. I understand that there are a number of differences between automotive and marine engines, but would it be possible to marinise BMW's N54, the 3.0L engine that cranks out 300 lb/ft of torque at 1400rpms and then mate that to relatively current Merc outdrive? Like I said, I'd actually be surprised if I'm not met with a lot of disagreement, but I supposed it's worth a shot. Think of the potential: high output from much smaller (and lighter) engines than GM has been slapping into boats for decades. Surely I'm not the only one dreaming out there... If anybody has any info or ideas, they'd be much appreciated. Thanks!"
Clarification: I'm interes

Clarification: I'm interested in marinising the N54 engine. I noticed the type-o in the subject line only after it was too late. Sorry!
"I'm looking forward to se

"I'm looking forward to see your water cooled exhaust manifold design and price?
There will be a lot!!

There will be a lot!!
Cooling system.
New flywheel.
Fly wheel housing.
Drive coupler.