Kohler generator shuts down after 5-10 sec: auxiliary fault


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Hi all,

I'm having some generator troubles and am at anchor. After reading the manual 100 times, I haven't figured it out yet. Hopefully you can help!

My Kohler generator stops after 5 to 10 sec: the Auxiliary fault light is on (constant while running, not flashing).

- The engine /impeller feels cool
- I don't hear any overcranking, I don't think it's the fuel
- No other alarm lights (like oil pressure) are on
- The coolant sensor was faulty a while ago, but I gave it a clean and now it is fine
- After the first time it happened it did run for a few hours and then it shut down during the night again. Now it's back to happening after 5-10 seconds with auxiliary fault light on.

Do you have an idea what the issue could be and/or how I could test?

Random idea: could it somehow be something to do with other systems that are connected? Like the fire alarm system

Thanks ahead!