Johnson remote control cable issues


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[FONT=&quot]2000 200HP Johnson. First outing this season - got off the ramp and found the boat would not come out of reverse. After some diagnostics on the engine I took the remote control off and found the “cable anchors” for both the throttle and shifter were broken - these are the two small black plastic barrels that go around the cable and anchor it to the remote control (I can't upload photos for some reason). The cables themselves are in excellent shape, smooth, no binding. The remote control is smooth. I presume 20 years of fatigue. Can I get replacement pieces - I’ve looked around on line and have not found just these plastic pieces. I ordered and tried the SAE replacement metal anchors and they do not fit this style of cable (429 series). I’m afraid the failure of .30 cents of plastic is going to force me to replace the cables. Any thoughts?




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I believe you need to make five posts before you can add attachments.

Many people will post pics to their favorite file sharing site and then add a link to where the pictures are (after making the directory read accessible).

If the barrels in question are non-adjustable, on the control box end, you will need to get new cables as the barrels are molded onto the cable housing. Due to potential liability concerns, I wouldn't even try to 'repair' them...