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How to change stator


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Disconnect the battery

Disconnect the battery
Remove the flywheel
Disconnect all wires going to the stator noting how they are routed.
Remove the screws holding the stator and remove.
Install the new stator. Tighten the screws to 50 INCH }lbs using loctite.
Connect all the wires.
Be sure the woodruff key is in place and reinstall the flywheel and tighten to 120 foot lbs.
Reconnect the battery cables.}


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Simply put it initates the ene

Simply put it initates the energy transfer that fires your spark plugs. Why are you replacing all this stuff? Have you tested them according to your manual?


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"the ign system usually works

"the ign system usually works or it doesn't, sounds more like dirty carbs then electrical. Suggest a manual, compression, spark test (each cyl) then clean the carbs."


"JB, what would compression h

"JB, what would compression have to do with no idle?? compression is around 120 all plugs are even burn"


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"Motor needs three things to r

"Motor needs three things to run

1) compression - low compression can cause bad idle, poor top end performance, stalling etc - it's the first and easiest thing to check

2) spark - no spark, no run - if you have strong spark at all plugs that tells you that every component of the ignition system is working as it should be - again, it's a simple test.

3) fuel - sometimes the most difficult to troubleshoot - could be anything from cooties on the pick-up in the gas tank right the way through to the carb(s), reeds or a bad crankcase seal.

So it's imperative that you test the easy stuff first, instead of chasing your tail only to find later that (after rebuilding carbs, replacing fuel lines etc) that you have no compression in the number 2 cylinder..."


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Also check your fuel lines and

Also check your fuel lines and primer bulb to be sure they are soft and pliable. Especially the primer bulb. They are the first to develop cracks and allow air in the fuel line. Also it may just be a matter of doing a link & sync according to your manual.