Hard to start '58 Elgin


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I'm new to outboards but recently acquired a '58 Elgin 5.5hp that has been sitting for at least 20 yrs. I put in some new Champion H10C plugs gapped to .030, replaced the fuel lines, disassembled/cleaned the carb and got some fresh gas with a 16:1 ratio. It is very difficult to start if I can get it to start at all. When it does, it will only start at FAST speed and dies when speed is brought down. I can't make any adjustments on the carb while running due to this. Any advice as to why it will only start and run at FAST speed?
Assuming things were reassembled as they should, I'd think there's not enough fuel flowing from the idle port...
Weak spark is the main cause in hard to start motors.----Does spark jump a gap of 1/4" on the plug lead/s , yes or no ?