Gas leaking from propeller


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New guy here and I appreciate any advice I can get. I have a Ted Williams (sears) 7.5 hp. outboard I am trying to fix for a friend. The problem is there is gas leaking from the propeller when engine starts or even just turned over. I don't think it is the carburetor ? cause it doesn't leak until the engine is turning over and you try to start it. Or could it still be the carb? I had it apart and replaced the float. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!!! THANX !!!!!!
Hey racerone, I just took the carb off again and yes there is a red bladder I pulled out and it is cracked/torn which I was really glad to see. I really, really appreciated the info. Ya I really am an elcheapo but do you have any idea where I could find one of these without buying the whole kit? Thanx !!!!!
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Quality work done fast !!----------You may be able to find that part ( fuel pump ) at a BRP / Johnson / Evinrude dealer.----Take the part with you as I recall a similar part on some 4 hp models 1992.-----------It might be the same , not sure.
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Hey Racerone, I found the fuel-pump and a gasket from a store on e-bay, put it back together this morning and it works great. No more leaks. My buddy I was fixing it for was just tickled pink !!!!! So Thanx again for the help, really appreciated !!!!!!!