Fuel mixture

Nicholas Dias

New member
I keep reading these threads on fuel mixture and the post are all over the place so I just want to make sure I got this right. I should be running 16:1 or 24:1 mixture and because I have a water cooled engine I can use TC-W3. I have a 59 Elgin 40HP, I was reading all these threads last year stating that it was ok to run it at 40:1 or even 50:1 but I was just given the manual and it states 3/8 pint per gallon, which is 6oz/1gal. So going by that it should be between 16:1 and 24:1. Does this sound right?

yep it sounds right, you know 2 cycle oil has improved since 1959 and many believe you can be safe running at higher ratios, I think mainly this depends on the type of bearings your outboard has, if there bushings then I say no but if there needle bearings then I do....really its voodoo oil sience and your better off running the 16-24:1 ration to protect the old gem...you may need to decarb more often but thats no big deal.