first boat ignition problems.


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Good evening everyone. I purchased my first boat a few weeks ago. It’s a 1985 fisher 16 foot with a 40hp mariner 2 stroke. The serial is 40el 6e9l418298. I understand it’s a 40c model twin carb with out auto mix. I have rebuilt the carbs and done a bit of other work on the motor and got it running good. The problem is the key does not shut the motor off and I have to pull the emergency kill cord. I pulled the ignition switch out and see only 3 wires are hooked up. There is a white wire coming out of the kill switch and pig tails but isn’t connected to anything. From hours of searching the web I figured it’s the kill circuit wire. It I touch it to ground it kills the motor. I have been searching for a replacement switch with new keys but all the new ones have multi colored wires that don’t match mine and no oem parts are available. I have attached some pictures. The key is not a push to choke since there is a switch below for choke. I’m assuming it’s factory this way because it says Mariner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.boat2.jpgboat3.jpg
If you haven't got it figured out on your own. Check these notes. Find the posts that are grounded with ignition in off position only. Make sure there is no power to these posts in ANY position, and they must be grounded ONLY in off position. Then connect your white wire to that terminal/post. Tim


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Thank you. The new switch shows up tommorow and I will verify the post has no power and is at ground for the white wire. This switch in the picture doesn’t have any that go to ground when the key is off. I’m not sure why but it is severely worn out. Tommorow night I will get it wired up after work and post how I wired it. Thank you everybody for the responses.
So I received the new switch this afternoon. I wired it up using a Yamaha color code diagram to a mariner color code diagram. Everything works perfect as it should. My push to choke, works after bypassing the switch from the factory, and it shuts the motor off when I turn the key off. Thank you everyone for the help and advice. I am on my phone so I can’t upload a picture but I will tomorrow when I get to my computer. This has been a headache since I bought it and now the final piece has been fixed!!!! Thank you all again.