Control cables

I have a 92 Bayliner capri that came with a Force 90 which has a bad cylinder wall. I bought a Force 120 from a Guy that had a 1995 boat. I got it running on an engine stand and now I’m trying to connect it to the boat. The 120 came with Black control cable that have different ends than what the old 90 Red has (see pic, the red is what came on the 92 Bayliner and the Black came with the 120). The boats control won’t fit the Black 120 cables and the new 120 won’t accept the old red cables.
Is there an easy solution to this? 880EE0C6-85D7-40DD-BEF7-2E5595B3D2E7.jpeg
Yes buy a Mercury style shifter and cables. :(
You'll also need the newer style wiring harness too. :(

What style shifter do you have? side mount?

Ebay is a good bet.
Thanks for the response. I have a side mount shifter that has MERC stamped into it. Shouldn’t I be able to use one of the cable sets that I already have? The 120 came with a wiring harness and I have already connect it from the plug on the engine to the boats ignition switch and other components. See shifter pic below.
His post is over 3 years old.
You should start your own.
Include year, model, serial number if possible and length.
They sell parts here or ebay.