Chrysler Marine 360 Spark Plug Wires


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Hello all,

After installing new exhaust manifolds, I found The old set up of snaking the plug wires in between the manifold and block will not work. It looks like the manifold is a slightly different design and there is not enough space in between. Now I have to go from the distributor over the manifold and back under to the plugs.

I’m trying to find Part numbers for the correct plug wires. The current wires which I purchased two years ago are Sierra part number 88261. I’m thinking I might not be able to go with a straight boot, and need a 90° boot at the plug.

Heres the problem, I need a longer length. For instance (on the port motor), with the distributer on the left side of the engine, it barely reaches the furthest cylinder (front/right number 2). That wire is 27.” The shortest wire is 20” and goes to the number 8 cylinder (back/right) and does not reach. Those appear to be the two cylinders that will not reach, and obviously on the starboard motor it would be the same situation just opposite cylinders.

I was thinking on buying one more set and just using the long wires, But I don’t like mixing and matching parts, these plug wires are already two years old.

Any help on part numbers for two longer sets perhaps with a 90° boot is much appreciated. Thanks.
Being that you have changed the 'stock configuration' with the new manifolds, its highly likely that any set you buy will have the same issue you are currently facing...I'd suggest getting a roll of wire with the boots, terminal, and a good crimper, and just make your own. Another alternative may be a local speed shop that can do the same fabrication. I would use the normal resistor wire with good silicone boots. The internet is your friend for this type of research.