Breaker 12v and 220v


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Is there such a thing as a double breaker that has a separate DC and AC line passing through it?

I need a 12v (25 amp) line and a 220v (15 amp) line that if one is tripped the flow on both lines will stop.

I’m using it for a 220v (15 amp) marine air conditioner that requires a 12v (25 amp) water cooling pump running at all times the air conditioner is running. I want one breaker switch that turns them both on/off together and will trip if something goes wrong on either line.

The purpose of both being on the same breaker is so one can’t run without the other - one switch controls power to both.

I would appreciate the correct name/model number of what I have described above (or a more suitable suggestion if better).

I've never seen a factory circuit breaker in the configuration you have described...that said, many panel mounted circuit breakers can be ganged together if you think it is a must...

I'm inclined to think you really don't need to have the DC breaker ganged to the AC breaker. Most of the AC units I've inspected have limit switches...so, if the cooling water flow is interrupted, the AC unit doesn't get damaged...