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I started the engine and I he

I started the engine and I hear a sound (knock) from cylinder No2. Temperature is ok oil pressure ok no oil in the water.
Any advice?
"You did not mention which of

"You did not mention which of the BMW's, but if it sounds like a hammer knock it is most likely a hanging injector."
"Thanks for your prompt reply.

"Thanks for your prompt reply. The model is D150, when you hanging injector what do you mean?
Thanking you in advance."
"The needle in the injector is

"The needle in the injector is leaking fuel into the cylinder at too low pressure. Normally caused by water in fuel, or overheated injector due to lack of fuel. Sometimes it sorts itself out, but mostly the injector has to go to a Bosch service. You may change the nozzle itself providing You have a pressure tester and the corresponding specs, which I do not have."
"The problem was solved after

"The problem was solved after your instructions very good thanks. Now we have another. Oil temperature is High 90 Deg C instead of 85 deg C, and also oil pressure low 2 bar. Could it be a blocked water radiator.

thanking you in advance.

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"Oil temp of 90 C is low, and

"Oil temp of 90 C is low, and not high. It should go to 110-130C.
What might be interesting is the indicated change of both pressure and temp.
Anyway if Your heat exchangers have never been cleaned and the boat has been used in salt water I would start by giving them an 'acid treatment'. There are two exchangers, the first one is for engine cooling water, the second is the oil cooler. Another problem might be the raw water supply and/or discharge. Worn impeller/pump or partly clogged exhaust riser. I do not know if You still have the original BMW exhaust riser, or the later VM cast iron riser."
"There are two ways to go, pul

"There are two ways to go, pull them out and send them to an auto radiator shop for cleaning, or go to a shop and ask if they have a couple of liters to sell. I used one from the cement industry that dissolved the chalk in cement, just left the sand! Great stuff, but dangerous!!!!! Be extreeeeeemly careful. Use rubber gloves. Get some extra hoses and attach to inn-let and outlet and fill the salt water part of the exchangers. Leave it for half an hour and flush with fresh water. Repeat the procedure. Do a test run."
I am looking for a cylinder he

I am looking for a cylinder head for BMW Marine D12. New or second handed. Does anyone have an information?
Contact Hatz diesel in Germany

Contact Hatz diesel in Germany or their closest representative. They are the ones hat made it.
Just Google 'Hatz diesel'.
"anyone know of a bmw marine e

"anyone know of a bmw marine engine parts supplier in germany, if so could you let me have their contact details
many thanks steve"