BMW D190 Mercruiser D636TA VM Relays


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Please could anyone


Please could anyone confirm the correct (or alternatively Bosch) part codes for the Glowplug Control, Glowplug Power and Starter Relays for a Mercruiser D636TA Diesel (aka BMW D190)?

1) Glowplug Control Relay. The existing relay fitted is a Stribel (?) 89-9188, Made in Germany (Mercruiser part code 801334306). The existing relay chatters (squeals) after approx 44 seconds. Please can someone please confirm the correct Bosch part code?

2) Glowplug Power Relay. The existing relay is a Bosch 0-332-002-172 power relay (Mercruiser part code 801334299). I assume this is correct, but can anyone please confirm their part code?

3) Starter Relay. The existing relay is a Bosch 0-332-xxx-xxx 12V starter relay. The following Mercruiser Service Bulletin suggests this should be replaced with a 6V relay Mercruiser Part Number 87-821173 (now 87-860604).
http://web.archive.org/web/20030810123258/http://www.sterndrives.com/bulletins/m c/91/EN_010.PDF
It seems strange to change it from a working 12V relay for a 6V one on a 12V harness. Can anyone confirm the correct Bosch part code please?

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