Anyone kno what this is?


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I’m pretty sure it’s a sears model but I’m not sure what brand/model also not sure what hp, I can’t find any model numbers to reference....any help would be greatly appreciated


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Surely is an Eska-built motor. They made lots of them for various companies, including Sears. But going by the color, I'm guessing this one is a Montgomery Wards Sea King.
Looking at the reverse lock it is possibly a Elgin is there a little water tube coming out the exhaust hole pointing towards the prop?
Definitely Eska type, but I'm going with Monkey Ward also. Pretty sure Elgin didn't build anything like this. Their only little air cooled is the 1 1/4hp & I have one of those. Nothing like this.

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There was a 2hp Elgin air cooled made by West Bend, but nothing like this one. I actually liked the 2hp West Bend version (well sort of).
Definately a eska motor can you locate a ID plate you can clean with steel wool to hopefully get the model number. I found one almost exactly the same on ebay it says 4hp elgin but is actually a 1973 3:5hp looks the same other than the exhaust relief holes on the leg.