98 Force 120 bogs down and stalls when put into gear, will idle but rough


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Bought a 98 hurricane deck with a force 120 2 stroke, fires up, had to use starting fluid once, once it’s warm it idles decent, stalls sometimes though, bogs down and stalls when put into gear, if I slam it into gear it runs, not great but it runs 15 mph ish. Carb issue??, I asked the local dealer he kind of brushed it off without even seeing it and tried to talk me into buying a new motor, I can’t do that at the moment.
Start by posting the compression numbers.----Then test for spark ( 3/8" gap ) on each lead,-----Do not run motor until you sort this out !-----Install a new water pump impeller if motor turns out to be a good runner.
Thanks for the info, I put new plugs in as soon as I bought it, the water pump is also new, I’ll get a compression tester asap, hopefully it’s just dirty carbs and not a loss of compression.
??---New plugs do not help of there is no voltage to them.----Does spark jump a gap of 3/8"on each lead , yes or no ?