7.5hp top speed


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My Ted William75. hp motor mounted on a Starcraft 12 foot V-bottom boat will only go 7 mph at the most downstream. 5 mph upstream. Does this sound slow for this motor? The engine runs well and throttles up and down okay. I've tried different trim angles and they all work about the same. I have replaced the gear oil in the lower unit of the engine.
Geeh your just zipping along there ;) , yeah that's about right depending on your load, 12 ft sea kings are no speed hulls and the 7.5 Tecumseh is no speed demon.. you can try moving weight forward,, also a home brewed PVC tiller extension can make big difference by almost double in some cases
I'll have to try moving forward a bit. With 3 people on board the boat is more level in the water but the speed is the same as with 2 people.
What bugs me is that someone posted a video on YouTube of this a boat with this same motor going 11 mph. They were using a longer tiller in the video. But no details on the boat were given or shown.