7.5 Ted Williams just aquired basic questions


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Yesterday I picked up 7.5. Model number is 217-58880. s/n= 206117. It is an Eska. It came without fuel tank. So far I see it has spark. Previous owner messed with it and I see a different style plug with v notch called an E3.10 and hardly any gap at all. I never heard of this kind of plug. Is it a valid substitute for champion J-13-Y ? Owner said it would start but not stay running so I assume the carb needs work.

Can someone please confirm that any tank I install has to be run unvented? I saw that is true for some other model in the forum but not sure if
that applies to my model too. Maybe this is true and previous owner did not know to keep it unvented.

Also I do see that Sears Parts Direct lists my diagram and has some parts. Does anybody have a service manual and maybe some other links to parts suppliers for this motor. I know Brixent already.