426 chrysler termostat question


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About 10 years ago I purchased the thermostat conversion kit as listed here:

As you can see in the picture, the long hose, which seems to be the one going to the exhaust risers, is located in the lower thermostat house outlet.

What baffles me is this: If you think about it, the cylinder shaped thermostat in this housing is diverting the water go through the upper housing when the temp is cold. As the temp goes up, so does the thermostat wall, and allows water to go through the lower outlet. SO as is, when the temp is cold, the thermostat is directing the water through the upper outlet to the intake, and when it gets hot, it will direct water through the lower outlet to the risers.

Isn't that opposite of what should happen??

Shouldn't the thermostat direct water to intake when the temp is hot, through the lower outlet???