4.5 hp Sears Ted Williams outboard spark plug ???


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Hi, can anyone out there please tell me what the original or recommended replacement spark plug is for my engine? Also, is the fuel to oil ratio 50:1 ??

It’s a 4.5 horsepower Sears Roebuck Ted Williams outboard model #: 217-59462. Serial # : 202263

Thank you !
They were made by Eska, & used Tecumseh power heads, try searching there. I used to have link, but can’t find it now.
I still have a 1970ish 5.5HP my dad bought new.
we ran it at 24:1
Maybe try calling these guys https://discount-marine-parts.com/ob_ted_williams.html
or it looks like these people will sell you a manual $4, that should have what you need

Hey thanks a lot man, I called that shop and they answered all of my questions. Very knowledgeable and helpful people.

It is 25:1 fuel/oil ratio like you said. Champion RJ14YC spark plug. (.035 gap). And 90 weight gear lube for the lower unit/prop. Thanks again! 👍