3208 will not crank

3208TA Pat

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Tried starting port engine this morn and not even a sound when I pushed start button. I was able to jump start at the solenoid though and engine ran fine. I then replaced solenoid. No luck. Then I tried starting from flybridge. Same deal - no crank action whatsoever. Stb. engine starts as usual. Both start off same battery. Could this be a starter relay issue? If so is there a test to perform. If not what else should I check?
Thanks makomark. I'm leaning toward the slave solenoid. BTW, CAT calls this "switch, magnetic, part # 030-2266." That's for my 435HP engine anyway. If I can not start the engine from either main cabin or fly bridge I'm guessing it's not the push button start switch since it's unlikely both switches failed at the same time.
yes, on a lot of the newer stuff they are using relays for this function.

I would use a test light (with an incandescent bulb) and start at that point...
There is a thing called the neutral safety switch that I have discovered. If your gear lever is not fully in the neutral position it will not start. It was just an inch or so forward and I didn't catch it. After I moved it back it started right up. I should have caught it. And I bought 2 non returnable switches from CAT to boot. Guess it could have been worse!