1998 40hp force quit running


Hi all,

I was pulling my granddaughter behind the pontoon with a 40 hp. Didn't go fast enough for her but it was the best i could do. After about 10 minutes of running wide open, I ran out of gas. After I switched tanks, I could get it to start but it was running very rough and when I put it forward I would go about 10 feet and then it would die. Had to baby it all the way home.

I did put new plugs and fuel filter in but that made no difference.

I'm thinking maybe when I ran out of gas at WOT I did something to the carb or the fuel pump. Looking for any ideas to look around.

This motor has never given me a running problem.

Thanks in advance


Fresh tank of gas but I will check. I did make sure the vent was open. I figured that I would start by rebuilding the carb first.
Thanks Jerry


Took the carb off. Just a little dirty but I gave it a good cleaning and put it back on (after I checked for water. Didn't find any). Fired right up. Still need to take it for a ride to make sure but it sounds good.


Not sure what happened. Like I said, there was a little dirt in the carb bowl. There may have been more that I did not see. I cleaned everything I could. Maybe it sucked up some dirt from the bottom of the gas tank??? Took it out today and it ran fine.
It has been about 5 or 6 years since I changed the impeller.
Thanks again for the help.

Now on to the 85 hp Force, but that's for another post....


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Was working on a pair of 120 Forces.
Port motor ran GREAT!!
Stbd. HORRIBLE!! great spark and compression on all 4 cyl.
So I started cleaning the top carb. Figured out the top carb was the problem.
Bye the 4th time I cleaned it I was going CRAZY.
Even swapped with the top carb from the other motor(ran great after the change)
4th time cleaning I must have moved a piece of dirt or something as the motor ran perfect!!!
No Idea what happened. Ran great .


It doesn't take much to plug one of the tiny orifices in a carb.
I was working on a 71 Johnson 9.5 that would slow down & quit after a few minutes running in a barrel. Cleaning the carb should have been the first thing I did but since it looked spotless I chased my tail looking for other causes. Finally I bought a kit, pulled the carb apart & soaked it in carb cleaner, then a few minutes in an ultrasonic tank with hot Simple Green.
Now it runs like new.