1994 mercury force 2 stroke outboard trim tilt issues

None on the older Force motors, but!!! they were changing from Force/Prestolite to Mercury T@T in late 94.
Need a pic of the unit.
So i possibly may not be crazy, when every video or thing I looked up said mercury is on the right of the unit. A wasted Sunday looking up crap! Lol. But I guess I learned alot about the T@T I have. I’ll try and shoot ya a picture .
Thanks for the pic.
How about a couple more, close up of the bottom and lower sides.
That's definatly a Mercury unit.
Just need a few more pics.
The parts diagrams pics don't show the detail needed.

Open this link and see if you can find the right one, I usually do it but no time this morning. :)
One more: if there's any hyd. lines from the unit? Then unscrew the closest one.
VERY SLOWLY AND USE CAUTION!!! It can have a 1000# of pressure built up, thats enough to shoot the oil into your skin and cause a humongous infection. Wear gloves and eye protection.
If it's tilted at all? block it up , trying to relieve some of the pressure.