1988-1989 85 Hp Force Motor doesn't get spark on 1 cylinder.


so ive seen a few threads post with similar issues but not quite the same . ive been sitting on this motor for 5 years with the same issuse so im looking for someone one with some knowledge here maybe can point my in a different direction. the middle cylinder on my motor doesn't get a spark using a spark plug tester. ive moved spark plugs around moved the coils and power packs around bought new power packs and coils even bought a new stator. and still no spark now i havent changed all the wires they seem in good condition. ive opened up and clean the middle carberator bell thing there was a lil gunk but didnt look horrible. also had a compression test done and they were all pretty good.
What are compression numbers? How do you know you don't have spark on that cylinder? Is it possible that there's a fuel delivery problem?
well i did the compression test 5 years ago when the problem was noticed i took it to a outboard motor mechanic and he did the test but wouldnt work on it cuz he wont work on force motors seems like no one likes them them or likes to work on them. and i know i dont have a spark because i put a spark plug tester on it the other cylinders would light up the tester but not the middle this is the type of tester i used63590_W3.jpg
so i just ordered a new trigger i was getting the right resistances when i tested it but as of 3 days ago one pair of wires was only getting 20 ohms and it should be at 50ish and it seems whatever module on the power pack i hook it up too it doesn't fire the key to was to use a different spark plug tester i had such a hard time seeing the lights on the spark plug tester i had i could never tell if it was getting a spark or or not so hopefully this fixes it if you need help let me know i got this down to a science now lol
right on sounds good. I'll be out for a test run this weekend with new plugs and cdi's. I do have spark now so I'm hoping for a good test run. ive been to this point a few times now so we'll see.
Mark the old stuff and try to get the new back where it was before.
Unless you get it way off you should be close enough to run.
yah i got to buy a light gun to adjust the timing also i adjusted the linkage on the throtle so that when its all the way forward the air intakes are fully open but now it seems to idle a lil fast
ok seeming to have issues with the timing might be doing it wrong tho i marked the line on the right in the group of 3 with a marker and set the gun for to 28 and ive adjust this thing to the max both ways and cant get the line to line up its still off by 1/2 inch.