1985 force 85hp no spark

hi there im really interested in how this turns out i have a 1988 force 85 hp motor that all of a sudden wouldn't run full speed anymore ive been sitting on it for almost 5 years now. i remember the throttle got stuck and i couldn,t stop and i had to force it forward and felt like something gave way. checked the engine it seems like the throat works still and it opens up the valves pretty much to full still but started looking at things and noticed that the middle cylinder wasnt getting a spark so i switched spark plugs around and still nothing then i swaped coil packs and still nothing i ended up buy a new coil pack too then i bought a new cdi pack and still nothing. so then i bought and replaced the stator still nothing once of the frist things i did was took it to a outboard repair place the guy did a compression test on it but wouldnt work on it said he doesnt touch force motors but the compression test was fine. i kinda gave up that was 5 years ago.
You should start your own thread.
Middle cylinder on a 1988/85 all of a sudden not working.
The middle cyl. runs the fuel pump.
My first guess is the pump needs a rebuild????
Inspect and change the diaphragm
Got the packs installed and wired. Have spark on all three cylinders. Now the boat is acting like it's out of time, it'll fire but only for a second then backfire.

I checked timing according to procedure, with plugs removed and grounded, and the throttle wide open- it is perfect. However, there are only two marks on the flywheel, one is tdc so I imagine the other is 30°. I colored them black as the flywheel is white; the timing is set to the other mark.

I think the issue must lay with the trigger wiring to the packs, which has two orange and two green wires, as well as red and white/green wires. The orange and green pairs have me messed up, and there isn't a particularly accurate diagram.

I'm using the bottom guide. Any suggestions?


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Figured it out. No clue why, but the motor matches no known diagrams for the ignition system. I used a tech ical schematic for the trigger and was able to trace down the wires. Had two wires switched. Took the boat out yesterday and it did well, just need to dial it in.