1976 10 hp and 1979 6 hp Chryslers need electrical parts, to start with

i have a couple of Chrysler motors, I checked the compression, both are great, I checked to spark, and both of them seem to be firing on one cylinder and not the other. So, I was planning to change out points, plugs, condensers, and even the coils to be sure they are good to go. Where and what is compatable if unavailable in original parts, I would like any suggestions that are helpful. I am totally new to this, interested in getting them in the water pushing a boat, thanks. Oh yes, the 1979 6 hp motor is missing the top cowling, blew off about 15 years ago.
Find part numbers on this page.-----Orange bar up top.-----Boat engine parts -----Just a few clicks.-----Order here or a Mercury dealer with the part numbers.
Test parts before ordering new.-----It appears they are proud of them----Used parts are a good option.----Your location? ?