1971 Ted Williams 7hp 217-59440


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Hi everyone. I just acquired this outboard and doesn't seem to be in that bad of shape. I don't have a manual so if someone has one in PDF could you please share?!
Also need to find some piston rings....ideas on where, sizes etc...?
The cover says to use leaded gas.....anyone know if there is issues with using unleaded??? Or do you have to added lead additive in your gas mix???

thanks for your help will post more questions as they come up.
I would like to see that "use leaded gas emblem", that would be interesting,
But I can tell you for a fact unleaded gas is the ticket for a 2 stroke marine application, in the old days it was called "white marine gas" totally unleaded 87 octane.

go to www.cerifiedpartscorp.com/vintage and call about a manual and rings, or there is "Gary" I can't seem to remeber his url ???
The one bad thing about the 7hp AV 750 is the reed cage, the manual says it needs replaced with the carb kit, they were just that flimsy ...oh yeah
I was able to find parts at www.discount-marine-parts.com I've been rebuilding a 68 9 horse and they have every part I needed. He gets the parts made for him. There number is 1-906-466-2180. They are out of bark river michigan and they ship nation wide. Give them the model and serial number and they'll have the parts
Yeah thats our boy Gary, how did that you can't get it except from us shipping cost feel? ( not true ) :p I hope the old fat lady has changed her greedy ways,,, but I doubt it.
I wasn't impressed with the $6 shipping but I did burn up the 1st water pump impeller I got from them, gave them a call and he replaced it at no charge so I can't complain
4 years ago I needed a set of 7.5 rings, the woman up there quoted me 18$ !!! for the rings, OK Yeah I need them for a customer, I was a little un suspecting and expected something like $6 shipping... when I got the package UPS ground w/recipt, I had payed her 20$ just in shipping. 38$ for a set of 6 dolla rings?? I did a bunch of "tell me why??? I want some money back gal" then yelling but no pitty was found, :mad:

That cluster set me on the search for the source and now I have the answers, however becuase of my sensitive position I do not push it or promote it...
I do think I may have helped rock them into reality when I disputed and received the back charged for the shipping cost. Got to love my platinum Sears Mastercard people "priceless"

Good luck, I hope you get it lines out,
If it is a air cooled engine you can use regular chainsaw oil mix. Back in the day they used regular 30W-HD for the mix the new two stroke oil has both the lead and the detergent two stroke engines require.
Wen you are talking about a clutch, are you meaning the lower unit? If so I have a 70 ,or 74, parts motor that has a good lower unit.