1965 chrysler 426 distributor


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I have the original 1965 Chrysler distributor. I replace the cap and the points every 3 years. This year I decided to pull the plate off and saw that the weights and springs were very rusty. It makes me feel uneasy to go out on the water knowing that components of the distributor are rusty. I am thinking about getting a new marine distributor. Did anyone replace their whole distributor with a new one? I know new distributors are contactless. This may mean I may need new coils as well. Is there any thing else I would have to change? Any specific distributor models you recommend?
Replacement is one option....another is to get what you have rebuilt....if you have an auto electric shop (or a hotrod shop) close by, they may be able to point you to somebody with a distributor machine....they could likely get you a breakerless kit, too. there are several shops that will do this via mail order, too...

As far as brands, Mallory used to be a good one but they have been thru the corporate takeover cycle a lot lately....just make sure whatever one you pick has a marine rating ... usually a sticker with "SAE J1171"