1959 40hp Elgin

Nicholas Dias

New member
I have a 59 40hp elgin, last year it ran great, this year is started out running great but now just doesn't sound as smooth as it did, almost sounds like it has an exhaust leak in the head unit. Engine still has plenty of power and still makes my old sea king fly but just not as smooth as it should be. All fuel lines are new, carb was removed and cleaned, fuel pump diaphram new last season. It also has a soft back fire after WOT and slowing down rapidly. It starts right up and never stalls, also has some smoke coming out from under the cover.

Any suggestion would be great thanks
Update: So it turns out that the intake cover gasket had a nice crack in it, the one behind the fuel pump. I bought some gasket material and replaced it and now it runs better than ever.