1957 Elgin 30 HP


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Ok, let me start by saying, i am a brand new member here, i have been researching a 1957 Elgin 30 HP i picked up a while back and im not having much luck, so i'm hopeful that someone on here might have some info about this motor.

I need advice as to changing the impeller and un-clogging the water lines without causing myself any trouble, would love it if there was someone with a bunch of info on these, because id love to know more about it.

Was also curious of how to tune the carb, as far as high and low speed needles are concerned, and im curious on a good mix ratio

any and all help is appreciated, thank you!
mine is the very first model, i believe, 571.59421 - its recoil start, and it has a missing spot on the face where it looks like a govorner for HP sat in place, cuts HP to 15 and then 7.5 but the key and linkage is long gone - was also VERY curious about that and how it works
a rod attached to key switch drops down onto a cam, connected to throttle linkage. the cam's position determines how far the throttle can be turned before being stopped by the rod.
I have lots of info. detach the lower leg above the exhaust port. impeller can be found there. try blowing compressed air through the line. the Tillotson carb. doesn't often need new parts, other than gasket material. it is important to clean idle tube thoroughly. can be removed from top of carb. with a screwdriver. a good soak in lacquer thinner followed by either compressed air, or wire is essential to make sure the motor idles well. plug gap- .032. DO NOT USE GAS WITH ETHENOL, OR ALCOHOL! thiwill deteriorate the rubber pump on side of motor