1955 elgin 7.5hp help!!!

Peter Dunn

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I just bought a 1955 7.5hp Elgin model #571.58772 from a buddy who'd bought it from a guy who had it started 7 years ago... anyone with any useful info please reply. the start instructions on the tank are illegible so any help there would be great. also anyone with an owner's manual let me know.
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I have a mint 7.5. Still need help. I'm trying to figure out the fuel mix ratio with todays oils.

Fuel mix is 16:1 (1/2 pint per gal.). Use 30W oil rated TCW-3.
Start mixture settings with choke on (down):
- Low speed (small round knob center top), 1/2 turn out.
- High speed (lower center dial) starting adjust is 3/4 turn+ out.
Lean high speed setting 1/4 turn after warm
Low speed adjustments are finicky and best left alone for now.

For more info, visit http://oddjobmotors.com/elgin.htm

Don't forget to open tank vent on tank cap.
Also, open fuel shut off (on control panel, round knob, right side).

If the engine has been sitting for quite a while with fuel in it, carb and/or tank may need cleaning.