1954 Elgin 7.5HP 571.58772 Looking for some info on her


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Hi. I recently bought a 1954 Elgin 571.58772 without testing her out. Days prior, I had bought a 1955 Johnson CD-12 but it was easier to test for spark and compression by just unsnapping the cowl and removing it to get to the plugs. I was told the Elgin was purchased from an antique outboard dealer and he had replaced the water pump, clean the carb and had done some other things about 6 years ago. It was used up until 2 years ago and ran great the last time out, in which all the fuel was expended.

On her face she looked well preserved. I didn't see anything that would come off without a screwdriver so I took the guy at his work and bought it. Since the gas tank looks to be under the flywheel how do I take it apart to check the carb and get to the spark plugs. If the points need cleaning are they easy to get to? Would anyone have a diagram or let me know how to take it apart to check for compression, spark and to get the carb. Also then, once I check for compression, what range would be acceptable? How do I change the oil on the lower unit? I see 2 screws by the propeller on the same side but their not marked vent or fill. Once I get ready to start her up, what's the best brands and fuel/oil mix to put in her? Thank you.


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I would say it is water cooled.-----Simply because there are no visible cooling fins around the 2 cylinders.
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Did you find your info? I have the exact engine. Easy to work on. Tank comes off easy enough - don't even have to remove the recoil starter. Your motor looks pretty good. Impeller a weak point, if its been changed that's a plus. It's easy to change. Leg Lube - remove two screws, force in at top till it comes out the bottom, rescrew. Points access will be a problem; you have to remove the keyed flywheel - not a big deal if you know how. Spark plugs have a cover, 2 screws, 1 on handle, one for cover. Compression is anyones guess. If you have something near 60 lbs. its goo; 70 is a new engine is my guess. 16 to 1 oil mix. Use TC3 oil and 100LL aviation fuel (no ethanol which is bad for hoses and gaskets). Run with a couple of ozs. of SeaFoam and Marvel Mystery oil in the mix. If you don't use 100LL add some Stabil as well. Reduce oil mix slightly then. This is a solid engine; parts list is impressive.
Thanks flyzone... I did but your post adds more info on her. I appreciate that. Can't wait for this snow to end so I can run her for my first time. Thanks!