1947 5.5 Elgin Please Help


I have a 1947 Elgin (West bend) 5.5 hp. The motor was given to me by a friend and is supposed to run. It,s one of them Grandpas old motor that has sat for years. It had gas in the tank (very old very varnished). I,m cleaning it up good before I even try to start it. I don,t see any grease ports for the lower unit and there are a few other things about it that don,t readily seem normal compared to other motors I have seen. Does anyone have or know of a PDF manual that I can download for this motor? The Model number is: 571. 58611 It says Sears Roebuck & Co on it and from what I have found about it, it,s made by West Bend. I thank everyone for any help you can give. God Bless. Dave
Be sure and mix the fuel 16:1 if you want to keep that old jem running. Get a can of seafoam spray and fog the motor good just before trying to start it up. Pull the spark plug and hold the carb fully open with one hand and spray in the carb while someone pulls the rope. Spray a little in the cylinder/s and install the plug/s and see if she pops.