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    Default " Hey Croozertoo, You helped

    " Hey Croozertoo,
    You helped me earlier about deciding on replacing my '89 4.3 with an '01 model from the e-bay seller "michiganmotorz" Anyway, while waiting for him to get another engine I have discovered the exact same engine as my old one for sale on e-bay and would like you to take a sec and look at it for me. You probably already know how to do this but thought I would write it anyway...
    It's item # 2415103183. You can go straight to it by going to e-bay motors then clicking 'search' on the tool bar, then clicking "by item number" on that tool bar.
    I just seem to be a skeptical kind of guy and want to make sure I ask all the pertinant questions. I asked why the motor is for sale, how long has it sat without running, and why so few hours for such an old engine. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.
    This is actually what I was originally looking for when I first started my search for a new engine, there just weren't any. (hopefully a hundered guys looking for the same engine don't read this :-)
    Scott in Tn. "

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    Default "Hey Scott, Looks like a ni

    "Hey Scott,

    Looks like a nice engine - no obvious rust or seeping marks. It's a sterndrive engine and as I recall, you're replacing an inboard, so the exhaust will have to be adapted. Looks like a simple connection at the elbow, though. And the flywheel, starter and bellhousing would need to match, but if you have those parts from your same engine, that should work, too.

    It's one year younger than yours and I don't know if any configuration changes were made between those years, but the bellhousing bolt pattern would surely be the same - don't know about engine mounts. You're right to be more concerned about it sitting for a long time. Low hours are common on pleasure boats - most die of neglect rather than wearing out.

    Other than that, just the usual caution about dealing on Ebay for an engine you haven't seen or heard run. I don't remember what the price was on the Michigan engine, but for me, this one would need to be at least 30% lower in cost (including shipping) to justify the risks like no warranty, no return, etc.

    Seller's history looks pretty good, but I'd still bug him with every question I could think of. I just sold a motorcycle on Ebay and the bidders were constantly asking questions. It's all part of the game, especially with big ticket items like this.

    Let us know how it goes............


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