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    Default " After having the heads rewor

    " After having the heads reworked, block flushed, manifolds, risers, elbows etc. replaced I still have a heating problem. I'm not so sure I have the hose connections in the right place. This has a raw water, dual pocket pump. Can anyone help me locate the correct diagram for this Chrysler 1976 400 CI 280 hp. engine or give me some ideas on this matter???? "

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    Default "Larry, I can provide a ser


    I can provide a service manual with cooling diagram. I will send you an email.
    Also see list of Chrysler manuals that we offer.

    Andrew Menkart
    Andrew Menkart

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    Default " Have you checked your water

    " Have you checked your water imput. Check to make sure; 1). The seacock is open all the way
    2). Make sure there's no crap plugging up the intake water throughhull (i.e., no crabs, seaweed, sticks, fish, etc.

    You wouldn't believe some of the junk that gets caught in the screen on the outside of your hull. "

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