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Andrew Studdiford
06-06-2001, 08:28 AM
" I am a volunteer at the Adirondak Museum. We have been preparing some of our acquisitions for a move to a new storage building. Among these, is a "Gray Motor Co." single cylinder engine in very good condition. It is marked "13R/9019" on the right side of the cylinder, and an "F inside a keystone, and 1877" on the left side. It has a Schebler Carbureter with Pat. Date "1902" on it.

Can anybody tell me which numbers indicate year of manufacture and model. I would appreciate as much information as possible to add to our data base. "

06-06-2001, 08:05 PM

We operate another web site called discussion board ("]OldMarineEngine.com[/url] that is specifically for antique inboards, pre-1940. You should repost your question on the [url=") there.

I have a few early Gray Marine one-lung engines also, and also have some catalog information. The numbers you are refering to will probably not establish the year of manufacture exactly, but we can get the model and specifications for it from the catalogs.

I have visited the Adirondack Museum a few times. It is a wonderful musuem. I hope to be there the weekend of June 16th for the Regatta. If you would like me to look at any of the old inboards then I would be happy to.

Andrew Menkart

06-10-2001, 09:31 AM
"Hi there,
You have a Gray model "R". It was made during the teens and twenties. The 13 prefix in the 13R may be the year. There is lots of info left from Gray and I have not seen this in actual print. I show my "R" with c 1913 NOT mfd in 1913 on it's show info card. It has a slightly lower sn than yours.
Gray made 2 stroke inboard marine engines in the following models. "R" "S" "T" and "U".
The date on the Schebler carb is useless to date an engine. All schlebler carbs had a Pat date of 1902 no matter when mfd.
Here is a link to my web page. There is a pic with 2 model "R" engines and one model "U"
http://ernie176.tripod.com/erniesengines/index.html ("")
Hope this helps