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06-08-2003, 10:07 AM
" Mercuiser 3.7 1989 closed cooling.
History- engine was severely overheated, due to
bad impeller. Number 2 had poor compression and
water in cylinder. Removed head, gasket looked normal, exhaust push rod bent. Machine shop
ground #2 valves, found nothing else wrong.
Changed oil 3 times. Pressure checked both manifolds and reservoir tank.
Problem -water in oil.
Engine runs excellent-compression all cylinders 150#. Cooling system will hold 15# for 3 hours.
Engine temperature 145. After running for 15 minutes, with valve cover cap off, will start seeing vapor and discolered oil. Longer it's run
more vapor and oil pressure drops from 45 to 20#.
Pressure check cooling system while still hot,
will hold 15# oil is again milky. All plugs look normal, no sign of water drip from cam shaft seal
drain hole. Engine has no oil cooler. "

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