Common Volvo Penta DPR-B Outdrive Engine Parts

Aluminum Anode
Aluminum Anode - VOL3589876

Part No. 3589876
Kit, lower gear unit, salt & fresh water use
Replacements for part #3589876

Aluminum Anode
Aluminum Anode - VOL3588770

Part No. 3588770
Transom shield, fresh & salt
3588770 - Anode Kit

Anode (tie bar)
Anode (tie bar) - VOL3807400

Part No. 3807400
Tie bar
3807400 - Anode - Volvo Penta (3807400)

Magnesium Anode
Magnesium Anode - VOL3588768

Part No. 3588768
Transom shield, fresh water
3588768 - Anode Kit

Magnesium Anode
Magnesium Anode - VOL3589877

Part No. 3589877
Lower gear unit, fresh water

Zinc Anode
Zinc Anode - VOL3588745

Part No. 3588745
Transom shield, salt water only
3588745 - Anode Kit, Volvo

Zinc Anode
Zinc Anode - VOL3589875

Part No. 3589875
Lower gear unit, salt water only
3589875 - ZINC ANODE KIT DPR DRIVES(V2) (3589875)

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