Sierra Marine Parts Catalog

867 APPLICATION BEGINS ON PAGE 870 18-5296-2 ELECTRONIC CONVERSION KIT Fits: Most Mallory YL & YD 8 cyl. Distributors with clockwise and counter clockwise rotation 18-5299 ELECTRONIC CONVERSION KIT (with screw down cap) For: Most Prestolite V-8 Distributors Use with 18-5403 style rotor 18-5298 ELECTRONIC CONVERSION KIT (with snap down cap) For: Most Prestolite V-8 Distributors 18-5297 ELECTRONIC CONVERSION KIT For 4 Cyl. Delco Distributors ➀ 18-5296-2D Not compatible with shift assist modules ➀ 18-5299D 18-5481 HI-PERFORMANCE ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTOR Fits: Ford V-8 351 Windsor Replacement cap/rotor kit: 18-5266 18-5483 HI-PERFORMANCE ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTOR Fits: Chevrolet Marine Small and Big Block engines (Standard Deck Height) Replacement cap/rotor kit: 18-5266 18-5482 HI-PERFORMANCE ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTOR Fits: Ford V-8 351 Cleveland, 351M, 400, 429 and 460 engines Replacement cap/rotor kit: 18-5266 FEATURES ★ Distributors feature the Ignitor II ignition module with adaptive dwell control adjusts the spark timing over the entire RPM range to maximize performance ★ Upper roller bearing and oil impregnated bronze sintered bottom bushing are installed and aligned bored for accuracy for maximum durability ★ Machined heat treated gear with tight tolerances insures durability and consistent timing to maximize horsepower and performance. Complete with high dialectic strength cap and rotor for years of performance ➀ 18-5297D ➀ Items ending in "D" are Display Packaged - Regular number is Non-Display I/O — OMC STERNDRIVE/COBRA - Ignition System 18-5477 ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTOR Fits: Ford 302 V-8 engines Replacement Cap/Rotor Kit 18-5266 18-5480 COMPLETE IGNITION CONVERSION KIT Fits: GM SB & BB with Standard Deck Height —CONTAINS— Part # Description 18-5472 Coil 18-8803-2 Wire Set 18-5483 Distributor