Sierra Marine Parts Catalog

626 INBOARD — PLEASURECRAFT - Electrical/Fuel Systems 18-6452 ALTERNATOR Replaces: RA097009 11SI/95 amp spool mount, serpentine pulley 18-5801 SOLENOID Replaces: R130001 For all engines with flat solenoid bracket 18-5957 ALTERNATOR (3-Wire) (68 amp) Replaces: RA097002, RA097003, RA097006 Replaces Mando, Motorola and original equipment Delco. Uses same electrical connections and mounting method. Equipped with fan and drive pulley. SAEJ1171 18-5920 STARTER Replaces: 987811, RK122014, RA122001 For: 5.0 & 5.8 litre Ford engines. 18-5903 STARTER (No Core) Clockwise Replaces: RA122001 Replacement Solenoid: 18-5801 Bottom mount, two bolt pattern for standard rotation FORD engines. ➀ 18-5801D ➀ Items ending in "D" are Display Packaged - Regular number is Non-Display 18-5984 ALTERNATOR Replaces: RA097007B 7SI/70 amp, spool mount, 2 5/8" OD, 6 groove serpentine pulley Clockwise position, 65mm 18-6288 ALTERNATOR Replaces: RA097007B 7SI/70 amp, spool mount, single groove V-belt pulley 18-7227 CHOKE THERMOSTAT Replaces: RN0067 For: Holley Carburetors 18-7206 FLOAT Nitrophyl 18-15214 RELAY, SHROUDED Replaces: R130012 For: Fuel Pump on Crusader MEFI systems 18-6451 ALTERNATOR Fits: Gm LS Series 18-6453 ALTERNATOR Replaces: RA097007C 7SI/70 amp spool mount, serpentine pulley