PAE4-10040100W - POWER TRIM SWITCH ASSY (PAE4-10040100W)

Recmar Marine PAE4-10040100W - POWER TRIM SWITCH ASSY (PAE4-10040100W)

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Recmar Marine

PAE4-10040100W  Power Trim Switch

For Yamaha Controls 703


703-82563-00, 01


Warranty (PDF)

Recmar Marine Pae4-10040100w - Power Trim Switch Assy (pae4-10040100w) is equivalent to parts:

  • 703-82563-02 Yamaha Marine
  • 703-82563-01 Yamaha Marine
  • 703-82563-00 Yamaha Marine
RECMAR MARINE is an exclusive brand of Recambios Marinos and specializes in supplying all types of marine replacement parts for all major marine engine brands. Recmar Marine Parts is a leading replacement parts brand in Europe with a 15 year history. Recmar parts are distributed in over 50 countries, now including the US.

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