US Marine remote controls wiring diagram/colors?


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So i have a 1988 bass buggy, with a 88 mercury 60hp engine, not original engine, original was 1988 35 force. I just figured out i have US marine controls, they were re-used from the force motor, I got deep in forums and realized some of my wires but couldn't find the diagram or color coding. Red-power, black-ground, orange- overheat buzzer, purple-tach, I still have green, yellow, white and light blue to identify, white, green, yellow and light blue go to the key switch, does anyone know or familiar with this wiring scheme? I cant seem to find this ANYWHERE the manuals for the original engine and new engine all have totally different wire colors like grey to tach. If some one can help me sort out this mess, i cant post photos yet.thanks in advance for ur help