Tohatsu 50hp 2cy


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Hello, im looking for help with my outboard. It is currently hanging on a 10ft Addictor. This boat with this engine should be running around 40mph according to a friend who has the same boat and motor. Outside the water the engine runs and idles great. We took it out today and i am only getting 28mph using my friends same prop. Compression is 125 in middle and bottom cylinder.. top cylinder is 115-120. I have done the following: new fuel tank and hoses, including primer ball, quick connectors, fuel and fuel and oil filter. New stater, new plugs, new plug wires, new oil bottle and sensor, new carb rebuild kit, all three carbs cleaned about 8x and lastly via ultra sonic cleaner including running thin wire through all holes in carb. New thermostat, exhaust gasket, head gasket, New control box, and new cables.

There is still a gremlin in there somewhere that is not allowing it to run at full throttle. We are getting about 5000 rpms which it should be closer to 5800-6000. Any additional ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.