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Hi I am trying to find the yea

Hi I am trying to find the year of this motor so I can find parts the MOD.# 574595520.
The ser.# 67600710-5785. This is a air cooled 2 celinder. Any help is apreciated!!
"Sorry for the late reply.

"Sorry for the late reply.
That model number doesn't come up with anything, by chance is the model number 574.59520 - Hopefully you just typed in an extra 5. If so, it is a 1967, built by McCulloch.

I found this information at http://tinyurl.com/6ktleu

By the way, I don't feel sorry if you are running one of these :), and some parts can even be found here at marineengine.com"
I was given a Sears 7.5 Ted Wi

I was given a Sears 7.5 Ted Williams could anyone tell me the fuel mixture. I appreciate it I am a novice.
"You will need to find the mod

"You will need to find the model number for your motor. Some of the older Tecumseh powered 7.5's used a 16:1 ratio, the newer Tecumseh powered ones used 50:1.
I have a model 217.585840 (1980) that uses 50:1, while an Eska I have (Identical motors - Gamefisher was made by Eska for Sears) that is a couple years older is 32:1.

There is a good chart at http://home.earthlink.net/~brixent/searsid.htm where you can look up your model and it gives you some good information, including fuel mixture."
"I need help on a Sears 7hp te

"I need help on a Sears 7hp ted williams air cooled outboard. It is a tecumseh 6506913 and it has a T 639-10a. What plug does it use as there is no plug, and what fuel mix? This is my first time on the site so I hope this is the right place to ask this question. Thanks"
I just found the plate on my 7

I just found the plate on my 7hp sears and it is a 217-59480 and the sn is 153934 I still need the fuel mix and the plug for it as my wife's grandfather had it and there is no plug.
check the impellor and keep it

check the impellor and keep it clean. these are great motors and run great and easy to work on
"I have several dozen sears /

"I have several dozen sears / gamefisher / eska / ted williams etc outboards for parts, Please email me for your used parts needs, And many new part's / carb kits etc.... Thank's... Bob"
"I also have a sears 7.5 hp te

"I also have a sears 7.5 hp ted williams and have been searching the model# (574 59932)with no results. not sure if there is a point or a dash between numbers. I would like to find a year,fuel mixture ratio and a parts diagram or any other information that would be helpful in getting this engine to run...any help in this area would be greatly appreciated"
thank ya much that info was ve

thank ya much that info was very helpful to me at least now i can research and hopefully get my boat on the water soon
after further inspection of my

after further inspection of my ted williams model 7.5 i have found that the reeds that lay behind the carburator are completely rusted once again no parts found..these reeds measure at.010 on my dail calipers..any way if any one may know where i could possibly find these reeds that would be great news..if not..can i make theses reeds out of some .010 stailess steel shim stock with successful results?...thanks
i got rid of my ted williams a

i got rid of my ted williams and got a evinrude 9.5 sportwin i think it is a 1968 where can i go to find out for sure
Mr Joe you have made a quantum

Mr Joe you have made a quantumn leap into the 20th century.Keep that tuned up and good waterpumps and you'll never own another. Treat that starter like an egg shell though.
"Hi Ron, Your model number pro

"Hi Ron, Your model number probably begins with "217" and can it possibly end with 561 or 541 or 531 or 521 or 511 ? Thank's....Bob"
Re: "Sorry for the late reply.

Hi Winman99!
Thanks so much for posting the link to Discount Marine Parts! They had exactly what I was looking for! I needed a carburetor kit for my Sears Ted Williams 7.5 hp outboard. They have an exhaustive cross-reference of model numbers to find exactly what you need!
Thanks again!