Sears Ted Williams motor parts carb parts Where can I find parts


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"I have a 1971 Sears Ted Willi

"I have a 1971 Sears Ted Williams 7 hp short shaft motor made by Eska, Model # 217-59440. Where can I buy parts for my motor. I know once I located a place in florida that was an outboard salvage place to buy a skeg for it, but I am in need of new parts such as carb gasket and fuel pump rubber piece. Anyone have places to buy these things other than the guy on Ebay who charges shipping for each piece you buy."

"www.3sears.com but unless the parts are interchangable with newer motor good luck. they only go back 10 years on most parts. try a tecumseh lawnmower store or pay shipping for your parts. thats what i had to do and nobodys gonna not make a dime on parts they know you cant get if they have them."
Take Scott's advice - your

Take Scott's advice - your powerhead was built by Tecumseh. The Carb Kit number is DI-52030 (Tecumseh part number Tec 639-11) - try a local small engine place...
I have had good luck with find

I have had good luck with finding what I need on Ebay but I have a couple other places you can try. Discount Marine parts. (906) 466-2180 and Certified Parts Corp. (800) 356-0777 Hope this helps.
I have Sears Shaper Modle # 1

I have Sears Shaper Modle # 113-23920C serial # 1077P0086- with 1/2 inch spindle

I need cutting tools and a manual

can you help please
I obtained an Evinrude outboar

I obtained an Evinrude outboard at a garage sale for
$50.00 it is in good condition (estate sale) can you advise me how to get a manual as I can not find a modle number on the engine
"I have a fifty hp mercury out

"I have a fifty hp mercury outboard.starter that ingages when off the motor , but will not ingage when i put it back on motor. battery is fully charged. how do you test a starter . what does the rectifier do and is the plate type retifier interchangable. any help will be apreciated thanks /bruce"