Sears Ted Williams 5hp outboard motor model 217-59310


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I have this motor and the carry handle is broken and I have a replacement have removed the five screws but would like to know how to remove the shift lever to remove. I have taken out the lock washer and can remove the spring loaded connection but the lever is still connected to the carry handle and to the engine. What is the easiest way to remove this? Also can anyone confirm if this motor is air cooled or should it be sucking and spitting water? I have went throughout the carburetor and have it reassembled but is there anything else I should do prior to using regularly besides spark plug and making sure good gas at correct mixture?? Thanks!
Go to sears parts direct and enter your model number you can print the diagrams and get part numbers it is water cooled!

That won't help me accomplish getting the handle off. Called and viewed diagrams yesterday. I will check the suction to make sure it's not plugged and use the site to order water pump if need be though. Thank you.