Reviving a sunken B20


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Hello everyone!
This year I decided to try something new and bought a Draco 2000HT boat with defective engine. Too bad it turned out that the boat has been underwater for some time. The engine was full with water (I mean FULL), but I hope to get it working again. Simply because ... why not? It's not stuck, it's not too rusty, nothing important is missing. I'm taking it apart to clean and check everything. So i hope this might be a place to find some answers that I'll have in process of restoration.
I'm not a mechanic, but I have some experience with smaller engines, I have tools and for now - I also have a motivation, so please don't kill it right away, haha. :D
So, there's my first question. The engine (Volvo B20) is equipped with Weber 32/36 carburetor.

I disassembled it, cleaned with ultrasound cleaner, but at the moment of assembly I realised that some of the smaller parts looks the same, but are marked with different numbers. They also has different diameter bores. Damn.
So, first, there are these two parts, air corrector jets, marked with 160 and 185. 185 has bigger bore than 160.

I can determine their location from this picture before cleaning using the angles they're screwed in.

160 is for the primary channel (left in picture) and 185 is for the secondary channel. Primary intake channel is a bit smaller in diameter than secondary and smaller intake channel having smaller air corrector jet seems logical.
But then there are these parts, main jets, they come in the bottom of the float chamber of the carburetor. They're marked 150 and 155. Using the same logic, should the bigger number (with bigger bore) should be used for the bigger intake channel (secondary)?

Same question about the idling jets - there are two of them with numbers 50 and 55. Should they be used according to same logic - smaller jet for smaller intake channel (primary)?

I'm sorry if my questions sounds dumb, but I'm still learning. :)
Not dumb questions...your logic seem reasonable but that isn't always how things go with carbs...

two suggestions - locate the volvo service data and see if they give the specifics of which goes where. The other option is to get the full carb number and contact Weber to see how it left their production line...