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Replace tongue for old Conn Trail trailer


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I pulled my 25 ft C-Hawk the other day to pull maintenance on the engine and discovered that the main trailer tongue was badly rusted and compromised beyond repair. The trailer is an old Conn Trail with dual axels. The tongue is a 3" X 4" box, 108" (9 feet) long. I cannot find a replacement anywhere.

Anyone have any sources I might try?

It has been suggested that I buy two 60" long pieces, cut 12" off of one, and have a master welder plate weld them together. I'd rather not do that if I can find a solid piece. Any comments on that idea?

The boat fully loaded is about 6,000 pounds. I no longer trailer it long distances. Worst case, about 50 miles.

Thanks for any help.


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If you have a fabricator in the area, they could probably get a piece of hot dipped galvanized pretty reasonable. A large welding shop may be another alternative.

If not, I'd guess a trip to Richmond would be next - I'm certain there a a few metal suppliers there...finally, I'd say an online order being last resort due to the shipping cost.


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Ayuh,........ Any steel supply house can sell you 3" x 4" tube in whatever thickness, 'n length you want,.....