OMC Cobra hard to shift to neutral.


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I have a 1993 seaswirl with a Ford 302 engine model 502APRJVB serial number TO1250965. ESA 987564, VA Ford.

Boat runs fine and shifts into forward no problem. When I try to change to neutral I pull shift lever strait up pause for a second then pull back a couple of times and it goes into neutral. It works but it is dicey when docking.

I found my problem on forums and it pointed to the ESA module. There is only 1 interrupt switch it has continuity. Which the boat running in the driveway activating the switch I can’t hear the engine changing at all. The interrupt wires one side has continuity to the ESA plug pin black and blue (the row of pins with 3 wires the 2 outside wires). The other wire from the interrupt switch has no continuity to any pins going to the ESA. The schematic I have shows that the second pin on the interrupt plug should go to a pin on the ESA? Getting to the wire to test is difficult can I cut the wire at the plug and run a new one to the ESA? Can you give me a part number and price on a new ESA if this doesn’t do anything. Boat has 450 hours on it so I don’t think the ESA is bad but. Can you tell me a way test wiring? Tac shows just under 1000 rpm, I know it is recommended to be around 600 rpm but boat will not stay running.