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Steve Elkins

Hi everyone. I have what I bel

Hi everyone. I have what I believe to be an Elgin outboard motor. On the serial number plate it says Sears Roebuck & company. The serial # is 761.1853
I was wondering about what year this engine is and does anyone have any links to online manuals? I'm also looking for the piece that covers the carb. Otherwise seems to run good.
Found the year. Its a 1953 Elg

Found the year. Its a 1953 Elgin 2 cylinder. Any ideas on gas/oil mix? 30-1?
"Did you find a gas/oil mixtur

"Did you find a gas/oil mixture? I have what i believe is a 1956 7.5 Elgin and can't find the mixture ratio information anywhere. Judging by your serial #, i also believe yours is a 1953 7.5. Mine is 571.5970. Please update if you find a ratio. I will too."
I do have the correct mix at h

I do have the correct mix at home..will update tonight.
I have a 1957 7.5 Elgin. I am

I have a 1957 7.5 Elgin. I am in need of a new impeller for it. Any ideas where I might find one?
I have a 1977 johnson 35hp out

I have a 1977 johnson 35hp outboard motor..and it runs good till you gas it and it acts like it is starving for gas...i put a new fuel pump on it and it still does the same thing.......i don't know what to do any answers?????
"im seeking service manual for

"im seeking service manual for a elgin 2 1/2 hp model no. 571.58401 ser no. 401-38487 this motor was manufactured by west bend some where between 1946 and 1854 its water cooled any info appreciated thanks [email protected]"
"I have just acquired a 40 HP

"I have just acquired a 40 HP Elgin Outboard Motor manufactured by Sears Roebuck.

I do not know it's serial number. Is anyone able to advise what mixture of oil / fuel is required to run this.

Also, is there a source of manuals for same ?

Thank you."
I have just aquired a elgin mo

I have just aquired a elgin motor and know little about it so any information would be great. mod. number 571.58561 ser. number561.19809 Information such as year of make horse power and fuel mixture. If any information is given it would be greatly appreciated!
"Fuel/oil mixture is 16:1 for

"Fuel/oil mixture is 16:1 for the old Elgins. I have a 7.5 and need an idle screw and retining nut for my tillotson md109a carb. Or if possible replace the carb if someone has one. The # on mine is C571.597561. Can't find any info on this one. Most info can be found at the Elgin web site or the Antique Motorboat website. Parts are hard to find but try www.laingsoutboards.com for difficult to find parts."
I have a 12hp 1957 elgin. I&#3

I have a 12hp 1957 elgin. I'm looking for a (11 tooth) pinion gear for the pull start. Anyone have any ideas where I might find one? Thanks
"looking for an elgin water pu

"looking for an elgin water pump impeller for a 7.5hp 1954 model number 571.58772 serial no. 772 22614 thanks, Greg"
"HI, I have a old elgin out bo

"HI, I have a old elgin out board i just got.It is a 7.5 horse and the serial numbers are 761.4940 does anyone have any information on what year it is,what is the gas mix and is it water cooled or not. Thanks for the help Brian!"
Hi I have an Elgin outboard Mo

Hi I have an Elgin outboard Model #571.58761 from Sears Roebuck is 16:1 gas ratio the proper ratio for this motor
"What a mess of posts - most t

"What a mess of posts - most times you will get better answers (or answers at all) by starting a new discussion.

John (last thread) wrt your Elgin outboard, which is a 1953, twin, 7.5 built by Westbend.

Many of these small engines ran at either 24:1 or 16:1 (16:1 most notably on the Tecumseh built engines).

If the original sticker stating the mix is gone running at 16:1 won't hurt. If you find that your plugs get overly oil fouled, switch to 24:1 and keep an eye on them.

You should mix regular unleaded with 2 cycle engine oil (such as used with chainsaws/lawnmowers) - NOT Marine 2 cycle oil...

Others here should repost under "new discussion" if your questions go unanswered.

Additionally, a good source for manuals and some parts on these old/discontinued outboards is www.discount-marine-parts.com"
I have two Elgin 12 Hp outboar

I have two Elgin 12 Hp outboards sn61601210 on one. both are in running condition. please contact me if you are interested.
"I was surfing the net looking

"I was surfing the net looking for info on my 1947 Elgin Model 571.58301, 1.25 Hp outboard.
I found a website that stated most engines in that era use 1/2 to 3/4 pint of oil (TCW-3) per gallon.
It also stated that most would also use a Champion J11C spark plug. I don't know if this thread is active but I thought I would throw that out there."
"Tom, most of these little eng

"Tom, most of these little engines will run fine at a mix of 24:1, but not with marine TCW3 oil.

The air-cooled motors should use regular 2 cycle oil (such as used with chainsaws/lawnmowers).

Some recommdations have come from Tecumseh, a prolific builder, that a mix of 16:1 also could be in order and in fact some motors even have a sticker on them with the 16:1 mix ratio.

Your model was built by West Bend, exclusively for Sears. Sorry, can't help you with a plug listing, I don't have recommedations for West Bend's in my pile of junk, however, the J11C is a common small engine plug, still very much available..."
"Sorry Tom, early in the morni

"Sorry Tom, early in the morning for me - should have read 16:1 above, not 18:1...."
can anyone tell me gas mixture

can anyone tell me gas mixture to the scott mccoullough outboard 1 or 2 hp made by sears tim
"24:1 using regular unleaded g

"24:1 using regular unleaded gas (86 or 87 octane) and normal 2 cycle motor oil, such as used with lawnmowers or chainsaws - not TCW-3 rated Marine oil - it's too thin for air cooled motors..."
"In cleaning out my parents ga

"In cleaning out my parents garage, I came across a Sears Elgin outboard motor - Model #571.58401 (manufactured around 1947-1951). Any ideas how much it's worth - and, what would you suggest is the best way to try and sell it?"
"Wendy you have your dates cor

"Wendy you have your dates correct for sure. It's a little single cylinder 2.5 horse built for Sears by Westbend (who now produces kitchen appliances).

Value? Not much. There is literally thousands of these 1940/50/60-something little air cooled motors out there.

If it was in it's original box, never fired up etc etc it may be worth a few hundred bucks to a collector. As a used motor you would be lucky to get 50 bucks for it - and that's only if it's running.

Put it on Ebay and let the "market" determine what it is worth.

It's greatest value would be if you could use it yourself....."
Thanks for your prompt respons

Thanks for your prompt response. Now I have to decide.
"I have a 1967 7.5 hp, Elgin/S

"I have a 1967 7.5 hp, Elgin/Sears outboard motor, manufactured by McCulloch, model number 57459520, 2 cycle, I am looking for a fuel line adapter from the tank line to the outboard motor. Would anyone have a part number or where I can find this part (new or used). Also wondering what the correct fuel mixture is for this motor and where I can find specs or owners manual. Any help appreciated. Thanks-Gemp"
I have a old elgin i would gue

I have a old elgin i would guess 2-3 hp the only # i can find is 303 23862 can anyone help me with year & horsepower
"Jim, the Elgins were a Sears

"Jim, the Elgins were a Sears store branded models built by either McCulloch or West Bend.

To figure out exactly what you have would need you to find a model number starting with either 571 or 574..."